Through user interviews and a SWOT analysis, it was made clear that the client’s users also needed a larger visible area that displayed their ticket information. This way they can be sure that the event, date, time and location are correct before purchasing their tickets
User 1: Mary Smith
Mary is a college student who enjoys attending concerts, comedy shows and book readings with her friend. She is a current user of the application and while she thinks it works fairly well, she struggles with purchasing tickets on the go. She would like to be able to purchase tickets from her mobile phone as well as use her mobile phone as a ticket to attend her event.
User 2 David Levinson
David is a retired school principal who loves to attend sporting events. He attends at least two or three a month. One of his biggest issues with the current application is its lack of clarity on what event he is purchasing. David is not the most tech-savvy of individuals and often times presses the wrong button. He has even purchased tickets for the wrong event once.
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